Dr. Jacky Govrin-Yehudain

 Dr. Jacky Govrin-Yehudain
President, Co-Founder

Jacky Govrin–Yehudain, MD, is the inventor of the B-Lite lightweight breast implant.
He is a leading plastic surgeon and well recognized authority in all aspects of breast surgery.
His credo, guiding his career, is “Whatever everyone does well, we will do with excellence”.

Dr. Govrin is a published research scientist (including development of new wound care procedures), active on the worldwide conference circuit and runs successful plastic and aesthetic clinics in Israel.
He established the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Galilee Medical Center and was the visionary for founding the faculty of medicine in the Galilee.

Dr.Govrin received his medical degree from the Technicon Faculty of medicine at Israel's institute of Technology in Haifa , did his specialized training in the Rambam hospital , and completed his training in leading medical centers in Europe and the USA.
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