About Us


Plastic surgeon Dr. Jacky Govrin-Yehudain is the inventor of the B-Lite lightweight breast implant.

Drawing on the vast experience of over 20,000 breast procedures and having witnessed firsthand the effects of gravity on the augmented breast, Dr. Govrin came up with the idea of developing a lightweight breast implant in a quest to improve the health and long-term outcomes of women undergoing breast augmentation and reconstruction surgery, without compromising the look and feel of the outcome.


Through our commitment to INNOVATION, we offer CONFIDENCE to both physicians and patients with B-Lite’s PREMIUM offer.

Up to 30% lighter than traditional implants, B-Lite revolutionizes the breast aesthetics market by reducing the effects of gravity on breast anatomy.

Adapted from advanced technologies used by NASA, B-Lite’s proprietary microsphere enhanced silicone implants are built to retain breast size, structure and shape, while ensuring top grade safety and aesthetic outcome. 

Based on collaborative multidisciplinary partnerships with leading physicians, scientists and engineers, B-Lite is committed to trailblazing solutions that reduce strain, increase comfort and ensure long-lasting beautiful results.