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Developed to overcome the limitations of traditional breast implants by dramatically reducing gravitational stress, B-Lite applies groundbreaking technology to create a significantly lighter implant, with no change in surgical technique.

Up to 30% lighter than traditional breast implants, B-Lite implants combine well known and clinically proven materials in an innovative way to provide natural fullness, feel and strength without the burden of extra weight.

Transforming breast aesthetics forever with B-Lite
B-Lite Innovation

The significant weight reduction is achieved through the unique and proprietary B-Lite gel, a microsphere-enhanced cohesive medical-grade silicone gel.
The microspheres are inert, ultra-highpurity, hollow, borosilicate microspheres that are broadly used by NASA as a lightweight yet robust filler solution. 
Microspheres are used and approved in numerous clinical applications. The B-Lite microspheres are permanently fixed within the surrounding cohesive medical-grade silicone gel. 
By employing selective spatial positioning and by chemically bonding the microspheres to the gel network, less silicone gel is required and extra reinforcement is achieved. Even in the unlikely event of rupture, the microspheres are designed to remain bound within the gel. 

B-Lite gel has an exceptional safety profile and characteristics, offering significantly less weight while providing a natural look and feel.

B-Lite Sphere
B-Lite Confidence

Extensively Investigated in stringent preclinical testing and validation phases, B-Lite is CE marked and its unique features and characteristics were proved superior in biological, mechanical, and chemical testing performed by leading labs checking performance under extreme conditions. 
Resilient to crush for over 200 psi (>13 atm), far beyond pressures encountered in flights or recreational diving, insoluble, inert, and chemically resistant, B-Lite's lightweight, ultra-high purity borosilicate microspheres are the ultimate biomaterial. Encapsulated within the cohesive silicone gel, devised to withstand deterioration, separation, and swelling, the minute gel-coated microspheres do not escape or leach.

B-Lite was developed for over a decade by a team of plastic surgeons, chemists, biologists, scientists and engineers, working together to revolutionize the breast augmentation experience

B-Lite Premium Offer

The intuitive understanding of the benefits related to the reduced weight, empowers women to seek B-Lite. Once your patients hold the pure white B-Lite implant during pre-op consultation, there is no turning back. 

B-Lite implants are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures to accommodate the wide variety of patient needs and desires. In Addition, B-Lite physicians are offered a full suite of practice marketing support to facilitate clinics on how to capitalize on B-Lite's premium quality and inherent advantages.

B-Lite Lightweight Breast Implants


Dr. med Simone Eggli

From the beginning, I was fascinated by the idea of lightweight breast implants - as a woman I can imagine that it is a great advantage to enjoy the perfect breast volume with less weight. The implants feel soft and natural combined with a perfect shape. My B-Lite Implants patients are very happy so far - and so am I as their Surgeon.

Dr. med Simone Eggli, Bern, Switzerland
Prof. Ernst Magnus Noah

“Decreased weight of implants  is a highly promising new development which will help to reduce early ptosis in implant based breast surgery and increase patient comfort."

Prof. Ernst Magnus Noah, Kassel, Germany
Dr. Kai-Uwe Schlaudraff

"For patients and surgeons it is very intuitive to reduce the weight of breast implants. My patients love the comfort of B-Lite implants and I firmly believe B-Lite will become the new standard in next-generation breast augmentation."

Dr. Kai-Uwe Schlaudraff, Geneva, Switzerland

B-lite breast implants - What are the advantages? | Mr Christopher Inglefield

Christopher Inglefield, MD, London, UK


B-Lite lightweight implants are relatively new to the market so how can patients be assured that they are safe?

B-Lite implants were developed by a multidisciplinary team of physicians, scientists and engineers, then extensively tested over the course of 10 years before being offered to patients.
All materials used in the production of the CE marked B-Lite implants are well documented, safe, inert, biocompatible, and have a long history of use in medicine. B-Lite implants employ a premium shell, manufactured in Germany by a market leader with over 30 years of experience, hundreds of thousands of patients and an excellent safety record.

Is the surgical procedure for B-Lite different compared to traditional implants?

There is absolutely no change in the surgical procedure using B-Lite compared to traditional silicone implants, no special training is needed. Additionally, if a surgeon wishes to combine fat grafting or other complimentary techniques they would use the same technique.

Will a lightweight implant feel natural?

In a blinded, comparative trial, three leading Plastic surgeons evaluated the look and feel of 30 patients where half the patients underwent breast augmentation with traditional implants, while the other half underwent augmentation with B-Lite implants. The surgeons tried to identify which implant each patient had (without lifting the breast). Their guess was wrong in 35% of the cases, clearly showing that the augmented breast with B-Lite implants looks & feels like traditional implants. In a survey conducted, B-Lite’s natural look & feel was positively graded by over 95% of patients.

What is the B-Lite gel made of?

The B-Lite gel is a composite of traditional medical grade cohesive silicone gel enhanced with hollow borosilicate microspheres which are chemically bound within the silicone gel. The strength of these bonds significantly exceeds that of the cohesion forces within the gel, ensuring the gel and microspheres will not separate. This in turn, effectively creates gel-covered microspheres that do not separate even in the unlikely case of the implant rupturing.

What are the B-Lite microspheres?

The B-Lite microspheres are inert, high-purity hollow borosilicate microscopic spheres. The high-tech microspheres are very reliable and have been used by NASA to reduce weight of the Space Shuttle as well as in deep sea applications.
The microspheres undergo controlled placement and are spatially fixed within the implants ensuring no migration and a natural feel.
The microspheres are stable and will not change in size or shape under temperatures and pressures that humans can normally withstand. There is no concern with flying, recreational diving, mountain climbing, etc.