B-Lite Forever Warranty

B-Lite Forever

B-Lite Forever - Limited Lifetime Warranty

To learn more about this program and about G&G Biotechnology's extended warranty programs, contact us by email.

G&G Biotechnology are the proud developers and manufacturers of B-Lite - the world’s first and only lightweight breast implants.

Our implants are designed with your comfort and safety in mind and are offered to you after dedicating over ten years to research, development and extensive testing. 

B-Lite implants capitalize on over 60 years of breast implant technology evolution with the added important feature of reduced weight. 

Our company meets the strictest of international regulatory approvals and standards and our implants are produced in a world class certified facility in Germany with over 30 years of breast implant experience. 

We are confident in the design, safety and durability of our B-Lite implants and therefore we are pleased to offer you peace of mind with the B-Lite Forever Lifetime Warranty.


B-Lite Forever Limited Lifetime Warranty